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Types of Great Nurse Careers That Are Available Today

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Great Nursing Careers are Available – Find Out How to Get One










Nurse Careers are one of the fastest growing fields in the health care industry. A registered nurse can work in a variety of nursing roles including primary care providers, direct patient care to elderly and children in hospitals or nursing homes, and even working in the physician’s office. There is a great need for nurses in the United States, and across the world. In order to become a nurse, one must have completed all the required clinical training, pass a licensing exam, and obtain certification to practice as a nurse.

There are many types of Nurse Careers including full time nursing or direct patient care, or fully residential or outpatient care. A nurse can work in virtually any medical facility that provides healthcare and for the most part is sought after because they offer a high quality of care with lower cost. If you are a nurse looking for a job, then you will need to take a national or state board exam, and complete the nursing course work. Once you have passed the exam, you can work in almost any healthcare setting.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs Nurse practitioners or NPs are registered nurses who specialize in treating patients with a wide variety of conditions. Nurse practitioners can treat any type of patient, whether it is a child adult or geriatric. A nurse practitioner can prescribe medications or other therapies for their patients and can also conduct clinical examinations, refer their patients to appropriate specialists or collaborate with other healthcare professionals. For those looking for a career in nursing, the opportunities are vast and growing.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs A nurse practitioner can perform most of the same duties as a traditional registered nurse. They can diagnose a patient’s condition and provide treatment such as medication, dietary changes, and alternative therapy. The NP will also coordinate the care of the patient and will be involved in managing the nurse’s workload. A nurse practitioner program is ideal for someone who wants to enter an already existing nursing program and doesn’t want to put time into completing the required coursework.

Certified Nurse Anesthetists Due to the advanced nature of their clinical training, an anesthetist may not be a position that many are seeking when they begin their career. A nurse anesthetist is typically responsible for providing anesthesia on patients under the supervision of a surgeon. An anesthesiologist is trained to administer a range of medications, including anti-anxiety drugs, pain relievers and narcotics. A nurse anesthetist must obtain their certification from one of the number of national boards approved by the United States Department of nursing education. To become an anesthesiologist, one must undergo rigorous clinical training, both theoretical and hands-on. After completing their clinical training, most nurse anesthetists will seek additional instruction or continue their education through a nursing program at a medical school or another university.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs In order to take on the role of a nurse practitioner, one has to obtain their graduate degree from an accredited medical school or university, pass a licensing exam and complete a four-year residency in an approved nursing facility. Nurse practitioners are usually employed by healthcare facilities, but they can also practice independently. A nurse practitioner can specialize in a particular area of healthcare or even prescribe medications and treatments for their patients. The Nurse Practitioner Professional Associations or NPPAs provide educational and professional counseling for nurse practitioners and other healthcare practitioners.