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How to Boost Your LPN Salary

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The median yearly wage for registered nurses (RNs) was $72,070 in May 2016. LPNs earn a similar salary at $54,090. However, the salary for RNs may be higher than that of an LPN, which is because the two occupations are closely related. In 2016, there were 724,700 licensed practical nurses (LPNs) working in the U.S. Most of these LPNs work in hospitals and nursing facilities, while the rest work in doctor’s offices and at home health care services. There were also seven percent of RNs and LPNs employed by the government.

In 2017, the median annual salary for an LPN was $45,030. More than half of LPNs earned more than the median and half earned less than it. The highest annual LPN salary was received by those working for government employers, in nursing and residential facilities, and in doctors’ offices. The lowest LPN annual wage was found in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Therefore, an LPN salary should be appropriate for the individual’s skill set and interest in pursuing a career as an LPN.

The LPN salary depends on the location in the U.S. and the state of residence. The cost of living varies from state to state. The cost of living is higher in densely populated cities, which can result in a higher salary. But this is offset by the high costs of housing and transportation. LPNs who work in rural areas will earn lower salaries than their urban counterparts, although their cost of living is lower.

LPN salaries in New York City are in the middle of the national average, at $59,000. The top six percent earn $62,567, which means that their take-home pay is $50,000. This means that they would pay an additional $1,994 in tax for every paycheck. While the LPN salary in this city is lower than the corresponding salaries in the lower-paying states, it does cover some costs associated with working in the same area.

Overtime shifts are another way to boost an LPN’s salary. According to a 2018 Medscape report, 37% of LPNs supplement their income by working extra shifts. The amount of overtime paid depends on the type of job and the location of the job. If you want to earn more money, consider working overtime. Aside from the basic pay, LPNs can also increase their earnings by taking part in voluntary projects.

LPN salaries are higher in larger cities, where the number of patients served is higher. While small towns may not have a lot of opportunities, they are likely to be well-paid in a city with a large number of people. Furthermore, they can earn up to $14,000 per year, depending on their location and the type of employer. The LPN salary in a large metro area is not limited to one area.