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How Much Can Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries Be?

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The average Nursing LPN in Newark, NJ earns $55,302, much higher than the national average for nursing. This income is 6% higher than that of the combined national averages of other metros including; Dallas, Denver and Chicago. The best way to find a LPN salary is to go online and search for the jobs in your area. There are many websites that post information on positions for LPNs across the nation.

Nursing LPNs in Newark have the option to get either a certificate in nursing or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Many who begin their careers as LPNs complete a 2-year certification program offered by the American Board of Nursing (ABN). Upon successful completion of the nursing certification training program, LPNs have the option to take an exam for a nationally recognized nurse practitioner (NP) certification. Some of the continuing education requirements required for an NP certification vary from state to state. An LPN must work at least 1 year in order to be eligible for this examination. Once qualified as an NP, LPNs earn approximately $60,000 per year in salary and are able to participate in payroll and benefits packages provided by most hospitals.

Many people choose to become LPNs because they enjoy helping others while still holding a position in the healthcare industry. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in the nursing field can complete a bachelor’s degree at a community college or trade school. Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, aspiring nurses can enroll in an accredited nursing programs. After completion of a four-year nursing program, graduates will qualify for entry into an LPN registry school. At this point, there will be a process to select an accredited LPN program to attend. Starting salaries for these LPN registry schools are often quite competitive with most other colleges and universities.

For those already employed in the healthcare industry, salaries for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) can also increase due to the demand for skilled healthcare professionals. An LPN can increase their salary significantly with an increase in specialization certifications. Specialty certifications are available in a variety of areas such as patient care, emergency room, adult and pediatric care and more. By specializing in a skill set that is in high demand, nurses can receive increased salaries and can even open their own offices. With the availability of increased specialty certifications, starting salaries for Licensed Practical Nurses can reach the $40,000 mark.

Even though the job outlook for Registered Nurses is not good, there are some positions that remain open. There are many openings for Registered Nurses in the geriatric field and in rehabilitation. As long as these positions continue to remain open, then the salaries for Registered Nurses will continue to be competitive. In addition to the hourly wage earned by RNs, LPNs and RN-to-LT ratios that are required for these positions also play a large role in nurse salaries. If you are a LPN and wish to advance your career to a LPN level, then the salary scale for this position may be greater than what you are currently earning.

While the job outlook for Licensed Practical Nurses is not great, there is one career that is projected to continue growing – the health care industry. The need for Licensed Practical Nurses is projected to grow at a faster rate than other careers over the next decade. With this expected growth, the need for licensed vocational nurses will increase along with the salary required to fulfill the job requirements. You may be able to earn more money in less time if you have the following characteristics: