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Affordable Nursing Schools That Offer Scholarships

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Prospective students who want to earn a degree in nursing need to make sure that they are enrolling in accredited online nursing schools. All online nursing programs are evaluated by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Nursing, which ensures that prospective students meet specified standards for competency and quality of education. This evaluation of online schools is an important step in the admission process as it assures applicants that they will receive the best quality of education possible. For this reason, prospective students should look into the following factors to see which online nursing schools are the most suitable to them.

The first thing to look for in online nursing schools is whether or not they are accredited. Each state is required to evaluate whether or not the schools provided by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Nursing meet stringent standards. Applicants will be denied admission if they are not accredited. To ensure that these applications do not end up in the trash can, it is important to verify that the online nursing schools that you are considering are accredited. You can search for your state’s accreditation commission online.

In addition to being accredited, online nursing schools that offer licensed practical nurse (LPN) or certified nurse (CNA) programs must also have been evaluated against national standards. National licensing boards for LPNs and CNAs determine which programs are recognized. Licensed practical nurses have been in training for one year and certified nurses must complete a two-year degree program. Many employers prefer to hire LPNs and CNAs who have completed their training through an online course, as online courses allow for more flexibility with time management.

Another aspect of quality in online nursing programs to consider is whether or not they offer programs that lead to an associate degree or a certificate in nursing. An associate degree is often required for many positions within the medical field, including LPN and CNA positions. An associate degree is not nearly as demanding as a traditional four-year degree. For some positions, a certificate in nursing is necessary, which takes less time to earn but still requires coursework in all aspects of nursing. Online programs may offer courses in basic nursing skills and fundamentals, but an associate degree usually leads to a better pay scale, higher opportunities, and a more rewarding career.

If your dream is to become a nurse in the intensive care unit, or in a rehabilitation hospital, then you should consider an online program that leads to a bachelor’s degree in nursing. A bachelor’s degree often takes longer to complete than a certificate, but it results in more advanced degrees and more lucrative pay. Online programs may offer courses in basic nursing skills and fundamentals, but a bachelor’s degree typically leads to a better pay scale, higher opportunities, and a more rewarding career. Prospective nurses should complete general education requirements and take a clinical skills test before applying to a specific online program.

Nursing schools that offer scholarships are particularly helpful if your financial need is very high. There are numerous grant opportunities offered by state and federal agencies to assist people who are interested in returning to school to improve their careers. For those nurses with family issues, who want to take care of their family while still going to work, online nursing schools are a great option. It allows the individual to work from home and gives time for personal commitments such as taking care of the children or caring for ailing parents. With the availability of affordable nursing schools that offer scholarships, there are no excuses for not earning a diploma today.