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What Online Nursing Schools Can Do For You

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The profession of nursing is a demanding one. As the general population ages and veteran nurses are retiring, more of them are needed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the employment of registered nurses alone will go up 15 percent over the next decade. Enrollment in nursing classes and programs did go up nearly 4 percent in 2016, but there remains high demand for both nurses and nursing students.

Hospitals and many other medical establishments are trying to address this shortage by increasing funding for nurse education, as well as expanding opportunities for them. Modern nurses now have more educational pathways and potential degrees than ever before, and online nursing degrees are one route that many are choosing to go through.

Online nursing programs let students enjoy a lot of options in how they might finish their degree in a manner that is timely, convenient, and cost-effective. Online nursing degrees mean that students can pursue their degrees even while working or just so that they can get their education for a cheaper price. Getting a nursing degree online might mean launching a new career or even helping you move ahead with something that you’re already in. You can hone your skills and even explore specializations all without having to give up a few years of life.

Nursing programs can cover any level of degree, be it associate, bachelor, masters, graduate, or doctoral. Bachelor’s degrees are still the most popular kind, since they are the one most in demand for the majority of nursing positions. RNs can use online nursing work to move ahead in their education by finishing either a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree.

Online nursing degrees do still contain clinical components. Students typically finish this work at either a community hospital or a local medical provider. RNs who are already employed might be able to include the hours they already work. Online nursing schools usually also offer options which on-campus programs don’t, like cheaper tuition and more schedule flexibility. A lot of online programs are great for busy professionals who are working around their current schedules. Other programs might be accelerated or intensive in order to get a nurse educated and into the medical field.

An associate nursing degree online usually needs 90 credits, taking a year or two to finish. Some finish faster by going over a full course load every semester or even taking summer courses. Completing a clinical rotation isn’t usually necessary, but you’d still have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam after finishing the program to become an RN.

The bachelor’s online path is more popular since it offers specializations. It might take three to four years to finish, but intensive and accelerated courses can speed this up. The BSN is certainly in higher demand than ADNs.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know what online nursing schools might be able to offer you if you’re looking to either enter this necessary and noble profession or just advance your career if you are already in the field.