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The 4 Best Nursing Schools In America

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In today’s America, more and more folks are retiring. We are called The Baby Boomers. And because so many people are now needing help with their health care, more and more emphasis is being put on nursing… rightly so!  With this being said, it’s become incredibly important as a student going into the nursing field to find the right path. The path that will lead to fulfillment as well as satisfaction in your nursing career.

All students, female or male should always consider trying to attend the best nursing schools in America. Many schools are considered among the best in the world and it’s important to find one that suits your needs. By looking at all of the key features for each nursing school, it’ll become easier to pinpoint the best possible fit for your needs.

Here are the best nursing schools in America according to leading experts in medicine.

1) University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

Situated in the heart of Philly, the University of Pennsylvania is a recognized institution in medicine and remains listed among the best. It’s a premier Ivy League school with baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees in nursing. Over time, the institution has managed to establish itself as a world-class option for a mix of nursing and liberal arts discourse. As a result, it has quickly grown into one of the best options in the states for a nursing degree.

It was in 1886 when the University of Pennsylvania started teaching nurses on its campus. By 1935, the school was providing full-fledged nursing courses to all of its students.

In 2012, there were over 500+ students signed up for the nursing program making it a reserved and high-end option. With an established staff and one of the best teacher-student ratios in America, it is an elite program that is set up for top-tier students. Each student is able to choose between a full 4-year degree or sign up for the 2-year accelerated program. The accelerated program can only be used by those with a preceding bachelor’s degree in another specialization. Based on their grades, a student is also able to take the next step and sign up for a masters or doctoral program. Please note, each degree has been authorized by the ACEN and CCNE to verify the school’s curriculum and standing as an institution. In general, the tuition fees come out to be approximately $45,000+ while the accelerated program is set up at over $106,000.

This is a world-class institution and among the finest choices available to eager nursing candidates wanting the best possible education in medicine. Some of the brightest minds have graduated from this establishment.

2) Columbia University (New York)

When it comes to nursing and quality, Columbia University remains the number one option for most students. It is housed in New York City and is one of the elite Ivy League schools in Manhattan. It is also one of the oldest institutions in the East and continues to be one of the most reputable options for nursing students. Over time, it has also spread across other parts of the world including places such as Mumbai and Beijing to name a few.

It was in the year 1754 when the first building was set up under the name King’s College. Since then, it has rapidly grown into what is now a premier school.

As of 2018, the nursing school has a ratio of 6:1 (student-teacher) making it an ideal fit for those looking to learn properly.

The nursing program is heralded as being one of the best in the nation and has also led to a wonderful networking setup that’s ideal for post-graduation opportunities. This is one of the fastest growing professions in the county and that bodes well for nurses coming from a premier school such as Columbia. Many students are able to grab this opportunity with both hands as multiple networking events take place during the year to help with future placements. It can alleviate some of the stress that comes along with the process.

For many people, it’s important to go to a quality school that is made for nursing and this university is right up there at the top of the pile. It is not only recommended as the number one institution for nursing, but it is also ranked as such by experts in the field. Of course, this means some of the brightest minds apply to the school and getting accepted into this college is difficult. However, it is well worth the effort and bodes well for those that make it.

The appeal of Columbia University is seen through the technology it has to offer in various fields. This includes nursing as it has been noted for helping with advancements in memory and cancer therapy. By attending this school, you are getting the opportunity to join up with one of the lead research schools in the world.

3) Washington University (St. Louis)

Located in the heart of St.Louis, Washington University is rated as one of the best nursing schools in America. It is uniquely designed, filled with great intellectuals, and built on the shoulders of modern medical technology. It is a wonderful stepping-stone to a brilliant medical career.

It has been certified by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools making it a world-class private research university in St.Louis.

Pretty nurse or doctor with books in a corridor of a hospital or medical college

With more and more nursing jobs popping up in the states, it has become important to gain access to these schools, Medical facilities are looking towards universities such as Washington University to find the best talent. As the numbers start to grow, it has become essential to look into enrolling at Washington University. It is a power-packed option with tremendous growth potential for those willing to learn.

Please note, Washington University only provides an on-campus nursing program and doesn’t provide relevant online courses. However, it does have higher level nursing courses for online students, if that’s what they wish to pursue. As an accredited program, it is ranked among the top-tier nursing schools in America and continues to grow in stature.

4) Duke University (Durham)

Duke University Medical Center is heralded as one of the leading institutions in medicine. It is the home to numerous research studies, intellectuals, and top-tier courses making it a wonderful spot for students. Within this complex, there is a separate Duke University School of Nursing that is located in Durham. Being close to several major cities including Raleigh and Charlotte, this is a reputable institution that has great connections to the University of North Carolina.

As of right now, Duke’s school of nursing provides a wide array of nursing programs along with the Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing (ABSN) while also offering higher level programs for those wishing to pursue a doctorate degree. The institution is home to some of the biggest and brightest nursing leaders and continues to be a wonderful networking option for those wishing to pursue the best nursing opportunities.

According to many studies, Duke continues to churn out some of the best medical talents in the nation and has become home to numerous nursing researchers over the years. Its academic programs are well-rounded, elite, and include options for various strains of nursing.

Duke’s School of Nursing is listed among the best nursing schools in America because it provides access to a Master of Science in Nursing program. This is a trusted program that has become a go-to option in the medical world for those specializing in nursing.

One of the standout qualities of Duke University is the beautiful landscape. It is truly one of the most beautiful places to be and is a breathtaking mix of East and West. Each facility is filled with world-class equipment and provides students with the foundation to grow as professionals.